December 23, 2003

is that kevin millar?

no thats my room mate den. please note cowboy up bandanna. hope is still alive


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December 20, 2003

me after work

im never really behind the bar. so the picture is misleading looking like i actually do something worthy at the bar. i am in charge of the 3 foot radius around the front door.


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kit after work

this is kit after work at the bar.


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December 11, 2003

my lil bro sammy

so my little brother sammy came up last night from nyc because hes getting his wisdom teeth out. i relaized i didnt have a pic of him on here so here it is.


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December 05, 2003

the champ

this is my old roomate casey, aka the champ aka the jerk aka creepy hands. enjoying the snow.


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snow job

so its snowing. tiis is a view from my post at work. snow isnt too bad because it is actually warmer because of the could insulation. but snow sucks when its clear skies and the shit turns to ice. on the walk home it was nice to see how calm it was. and because of the light refractions, its is really really bright out. a pinkish auburn 2am sky. i wanted to light off some bottle rockets for this very occasion because the sparks would looks cool refracting off the falling flakes. and also have you ever seen bottle rockets at night in the middle of a snow storm?


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vanity 14

about to go to work, sporting a comb down and a light beard that is neatly trimmed around the jaw.


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December 04, 2003

haircut for kit

Hockey season is in effect but kit cut it anyway.


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someone stole my bike

This sucks. My favorite possesion. The lock pictured here got worked hard.


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December 03, 2003

morning view

Now, when i wake up and the heater is on and i see this, i forget about what the temperature outside is for about a minute. It kinda sucks because i am so happy for 60 seconds and then i remember. Anyway- i am going back to bed.


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number 13

this is the 13th picture of me on here. im not counting pics of me with other people. just the vanity pics. 13th vanity picture.


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December 02, 2003

i am dumb

i left my phone in a cab. fucking rad. so dont call me or this guy will be like "what?"

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