November 29, 2003


so yeah these are not phone pics but i thought id share some pictures i took last night of a high school reunion we had. it was pretty rad and i think everyone had a swell time. too many pictures were taken to post here but for those of you that i told about my site last night and those of you feeling vouyeristic can check out the quickie site i tossed together for all the pics right here. comments and shit dont really work on that site so feel free to leave some feedback here. this could have been easier if everyone would have signed up on but then again i didnt sign up till a few min ago. so cheers to everyone that made it out.




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November 27, 2003


this is suze with a rare photo where her finger isnt in her nose


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November 24, 2003

scott and ella

this is my buddy scott and his new 4month old mini dauschund, ella. i think its ella. scott has another one a bit older named ronin


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great view 2

this is the side that has the door. you can see that i need to run a orange extention cable through a vent in the wall beacuse the rom has no grounded outlets.
so yeah ill have a better pic of the whol wall in a week or so.


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great view 1

this is the far end of my room. the wall paper is up and this is what it looks like. the trim is painted this week and theni can move in.


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November 23, 2003

time to get sticky

this is me prepping the wallpaper photo mural. its a pain in the ass.
my room has been under construction for 3 months. this is the home stretch.


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so my roomate den was passed out and he awoke just in time to see an ass on his face.


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board project, design A beta 3

so this is beta design #3 for what i an calling design A [which is the eye, go fig, should be called design I] but if you have checked the craplog youll know what this is all about. this one is a different set up but also the color is a green that fades into the yellow undercoat. too bad its out of my hands tomorrow because i like this one a lot but hey thats art commerce.


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November 21, 2003

excellent promoter

so this dude was freaky. i would never call someone a freak. this guy was just freaky. it was cool shit. you cant really tell from the picture but the dude is on stilts and is easily at least 9feet tall. you can kinda see that this chick was posing for a picture under his legs. he was wearing this spike and bondage shit. and was handing out fliers for an art reception for Jason Burrell at manray on saturday november 29th. the picture on the flier is really cool. kinda of like a torn flesh look. very dark. normally i would put this info into craplog but i dont have a picture and can not find any info on the artist. there are links to an artist jason burrell in google but the work looks nothing alike and that jason burrell doesnt reference boston of the title of the show or anything about this project in his site so hmm....... but it does look like it would be some good work so if you are into it, check it out.


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gotta go to work

vanity is my favorite sin. no, i think its lust. and sloth is second. vanity is in ther ein the top 7 though. and i dont even think im spelling vanity right. cuz isnt its root word vain? so is it vainity? i dunno but this is a picture of me before i went to work. i like my hair in this one. i got a trim yesterday from suze.


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November 14, 2003

window treatments!

yeah...... im not gay but i watch a lot of trading spaces. so this picture sucks, ill take a better one with natural light later in the week. so i have the light grey/slate couch covers and wanted the walls red and trim white. i wasnt allowd to paint so we did some curtains. the curtains are a nice maroon and kinda sheer so when light comes in the shit looks rad. the curtain rods had these rad flame/plume things on the ends. but they were gold flake paint on black. gawdy shit. so i spray painted the rods and brackets black and the flame/plume deals silver. my mom would be so proud. but yeah the deal is that the rods were $7 each and the curtains were 2 for $10. Christamas Tree Shop rules. all you non new englanders are missing out.


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November 12, 2003

on the bus

I'm the only person on the bus. On my way back up to cambridge. I like it like this.


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birch and jason get intimate

again we were at this bar/restraunt and birch and jay wee ALL over each other. our waitress closed out our tab halfwa through. and we started a new one at the bar. but then we left and forgot to pay. as we drove back to pay, we pull in and the bartender comes running out and she was pissed.


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November 11, 2003

jenny mac

jenny mac at this restraunt. she stopped talking about sex long enough for me to take a picture with out it coming out blurry


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November 07, 2003

room in progress 3


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room in progress 2


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room in progress 1

may i refer you to this picture taken almost 2 moths ago. so now my rooma has had the large holes replaces with sheet rock and all the walls skimmed with durabond plaster. it should be painted and ready for me to move in soon. sleeping on the matress on the floor and the couch sucks.


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November 03, 2003

dont have to go home but cant stay here

this is the bar after we closed. i was so beat tired i just layed down on the bench


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packed bar

this was to show how packed the bar was that night but it looks crappy. i actually had to stop letting people in. we had a line to get in. thats something that i have never seen happen here at the bar. it was rad


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people dancing

this was a pic of people dancing on the benches. that girl in white was "winter". it was a half assed costume but she was cute.

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The cape codder

so this guy was dressed like a super hero with a picture of cape cod on his chest. he was a cape codder. there was a chick that have white power in her nostrils and had a HELLO MY NAME IS sticker with Jack written on it. she was a jack and coke. and there were about 6 other drink costumes there including captain and coke, fuzzy navel and sex on the beach


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