October 31, 2003

pictures of myself

I really enjoy it


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what happened to the costume

so i took this picture before going to bed. but before i took off the make up. you cant really see it int the picture but the shit got reall smeared and looked cool. and the heair got weird. the picture above is after i cleaned the shit off. but i dunno how the make up got soo fucked up. im sure ill find a couch cusion or a t-shirt thats covered in black.


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jerry only face

so this is a picture of me. on halloween with half of my jerry only costume on. obviously this is not the real jerry only. really, like super fucking obvious.

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our costumes tonight

the quality of this picture really sucks but its all i have. ill get better onese tomorrow night. left to right: kit as maverick from Top Gun, brian as 12.0 coors light man, and me as jerry only of the misfits.
but yeah this pic sucks, the doorway in the back makes kits head look all square box. and you cant see the details of brians costume. and of course my costume was the fucking ill shit. andway better ones tomorrow hopefully


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hostesses of tonights party

as murdered prom queens left to right are erin, suze, and jasmine


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October 29, 2003

in progress costume

so im going to go as jerry only from the misfits.
no one knows who it is when i say thats what im going to be but for yall out there in the metaverse i have a link to a picture. hes on the far right. heh but i couldnt find any good pics so here is a link to a pic of the Jerry Only Toy. i have it pretty much down except no boots, no studs or spikes, no kneepads, no bass guitar and oh yeah no jacked up muscle body. i did find spikes but they were $1 a spike and thats too much. i think ive spent less than $30 on all this shit. i am trying to get my buddy brian to go as Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstien or Michael Graves as pictured here. so yeah that would be cool


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One of my roommates


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this is a view

Dunno if it will come out ok but the sky is an amazing orange and blue, washinog over everything with a surreal orange tint. And i'm listening to 'tenderness' by General Public.


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October 27, 2003

i like pictures of myself

i just took a shower so the hawk doesn't look too tall because i couldnt get it that high but this is it before i trim it. imagine what it would look like with "product" in it. im sure i will be sending more pictures of my hair. i am vain, fuck you.


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halloween haircut

Trimmed the sides again tonight, but the hawk is way too long now. I think I'll wait till after halloween to fix it in case i decide to go as Jerry Only from The Misfits.


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October 26, 2003

awake still

Almost at 24 hours of up time. Or it just feels like it at 11am. Its a warm sunday and i'm going to sleep all day.


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October 19, 2003

its gonna hurt for a while

Good thing football and hockey season are here. I would, however, like to see a series for 3rd place. But i guess they are afraid cubs vs Sox series would kill the world series tv ratings. Oh well, i say it every fall but, there's always next year.


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October 07, 2003

Video installation at MIT


this was from an amazing video installation at MIT, only thing is that all the reall cool shit didnt send through the phone right and didnt show up here. what you see here is a 20foot projection of a windows XP screen.

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me and kit at the bar


this is a picture of us trying to look sad

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October 05, 2003

things are not working

i have been taking many many pictures to send here. only problem is that my GPRS/WAP has stopped working. i thought the system was down. after a few days i called tech support did thier obligitory shit like try turning it off and then turning it on again. they said theyd send me a text message to fix my settings in case they got buggered. but no text ever came. after another call that lasted another 45min on hold i was helped out with manually fixing my settings. but did it work? obviously not. so they said theyd send out a tech support guys to check on some of the towers or something. but i havea feeling that is not the problem. i will be helping a friend set up a moblof of his own real soon. we played with his new nokia 3650 today which is on the same network and it connected fine. so untill im fixed no pictures. but when it is you will see pictures of a great video instalation i went to and my favorite: the red sox winning game 3 of the series. yes i was there and yes i took some phone cam pics. but youll have to wait,

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