September 24, 2003

me and moms


the show was completly awesome. i didnt even really like fleetwood mac before this. the stage production and everything was top notch. we found out that this show will be a DVD so that explains a lot of the perfect show. but then again they played last night same place to a few hundred people or so to get more footage. so last nights private show and tonights show will be cut together for the dvd. the dvd will be amazing because this show was amazing. look for me on there. the guy in the 7th row that is 2 feet taller than everyone else.

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my mom rocks


my mom here, rocking out sooo hard and clapping and screaming for about 2 hours straight. she was rocking out so hard she was blurring in real life, not just the pic.

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i'm at fleetwood mac


although this looks like the below pic, thats stevie nicks on the left this time, not john mcvie

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lindsey buckingham


and i think thats john mcvie next to him. sorry its not the greatest pic.

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fleetwood mac: the chain


im not a HUGE fan or really any kind of fan but The Chain is an amazing song. you can see how close we are here. tom brady, quarterback for the patriots, is 3 rows in front of us.

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my mom!


this is my mom, kathy. last week she got tickets to Fleetwwod Mac at the FleetCenter. she asked me to go and here we are. 7th row right in the middle its crazy. they are filming this show to be released on DVD. only boston. there are cameras all around im sure well be in it.

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current state of my room


so i have chipped all the paint and wallpaper off. now i have to get this chemical scrub stuff and scrub the walls so no wallpaper glue residue and other crap is still there. then after that i have to fix small holes with spackle and fix the large holes with new drywall. then paint and put up my sick photo mural wallpaper. then figure out how i can do some shelving and then move my shit in. this is taking forever.

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pre sox game


Den, Maca, and Tracy before going to the red sox game.

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September 21, 2003

Jesse got hurt


Wrestling drunk leads to this. People are trying to get him to get stitches.

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kristen and her short skirt


This is probably too dark but the title says it all.

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the hosts of the night.


this is matt on the left and john on thr right. the party in allston was at thier place. missing from this picture is joel. john is pointing out that he rocks large bags of skittles and vinyl records. good dudes, chill party.

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kirsten and her arm


kirsten pointing to something. it came out super dark. but shes still cute.

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kristen hates this picture


this is my other roomate kristen. she hates the way her nostrils look in this picture.

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September 19, 2003




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visit from the broderick sisters


lauren, allen, beezer and den.
the broderick sisters + allen came to see the apt and pick up dennis to bring him down to the cape for a dinner with the family.

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testing out the guest posting action


i am just testing out the guest posting stuff to see how well it works.
if you are interested in guest posting, let me know. cheers

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eye of the tiger


Den, determination. heh this is actually a posed shot. but den did really well. first time bowling in years and he got a 130. i go every week and havn't broken 100. i did manage to go to fast, end up on the lane, slip my feet out from under me up into the air and land laid out on my back. then another time i fell, got my foot stuck in the gutter went down like a ton of bricks. and yet another time i brought the ball forward but hit the back of my knee and let the ball go flying. ive never woke up the next morning with that much body ache from a night of bowling.

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melissa bowling.


i give mel a lot of shit for her weord style, the baby step to hop to dropping the ball and have it slow roll to the pins. but she always beats me. i figure if i cant be the best ill be the hardest loosest thrower.

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bowling shirts


Business Sully and me. biz is one of my best bud's little sister. she is a rad bowler getting like 125 and hasnt been since she was like 10. we were trying to show off our rad bowling shirts but it was too dark.

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adam bowling


adam has the high score of our group. 178. he got beat by den and biz tonight though. adam has the best style throwing. most times you cant even hear the ball hit the ground its just like smooth.

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September 18, 2003

adventure couch


My buddy adam on the left and den on the right. Pretending to be on a roller coaster while watching the simpsons in my living room.

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So i just woke up and i'm still real tired. Next step is getting food.

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almost 4am


and i went to black out at the paradise. Was fun. Cute girls. Neat people. Cheers

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September 17, 2003

back bay


so this is a view of back bay boston taken from the apex of the mass ave bridge that crosses the charles river connecting cambridge to boston.

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in the beginning...


so if you see this then its working. How you like the comb over and fake glasses?

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