January 22, 2004

final design

so this is the final design of the "People Fucking T" or a more mom friendly title, the "Everything Gets Better T" the second title actually was inspired by a mix cd i was making at the time i was doing this. but much thanks go out to a friend of mine for the inspireation for doing the shirts. i was bored and she asked me about stenciling tshirts, and then i wanted to do it.

so this is the shirt, you cant see it well but the left sleeve also has the red ERS stars. i dunno if they will stay red. might do white as well.

so now im trying to get some more shirts so i can print more up. im just trying to get some size and quantities down. if you are interested in buying a shirt just email me nateATersdesignsDOTcom. they will most likley go for $10-$15 not including s+h, depending on what kind of deal i can get on blanks.


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