January 22, 2004

final design

so this is the final design of the "People Fucking T" or a more mom friendly title, the "Everything Gets Better T" the second title actually was inspired by a mix cd i was making at the time i was doing this. but much thanks go out to a friend of mine for the inspireation for doing the shirts. i was bored and she asked me about stenciling tshirts, and then i wanted to do it.

so this is the shirt, you cant see it well but the left sleeve also has the red ERS stars. i dunno if they will stay red. might do white as well.

so now im trying to get some more shirts so i can print more up. im just trying to get some size and quantities down. if you are interested in buying a shirt just email me nateATersdesignsDOTcom. they will most likley go for $10-$15 not including s+h, depending on what kind of deal i can get on blanks.


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people fucking close up

haha that post title rules. you RSS sydicated news readers out there, im sorry i was misleading. but this is just a close up of the final design printed the way its gonna be.


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new tshirt design

ok so this is a new t-shirt design i did. this is actually a one-off in white just to see what it would look like. the version i am going with is going to be in black with white print[see above]
so this design. its silouettes of people fucking. thats about it. also on the sleeve is 3 stars with the letters E R S inside done in red. i should get a close up of it.

so no this is not a screen print. its a stencil. i got the design the way i wanted it and cut it out of acetate and got a brayer with a foam head and rolled on textile ink. pretty simple. someone over at stencil revolution made a tutorial using basically the same technique. except i recomend using textile or screen printing ink instead of mixing paint.


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January 07, 2004

groundbreaking sushi maker

so this plate is half green which is made up of avacaldo and cucumber rolls but the other half its the biggest joining of japanese and western culture since hiroshima. i invented the BBQ CHICKEN SUSHI ROLL! holy shit i rule. i think ill get a nobel peace prize and shit for food. its good, the sushi. i need to marinate more though and need to come up with a special sauce. bbq is too thick and soy is too stong.


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i made sushi

yeah i rule. i made sushi. the orange was a sweet potato roll and the other ones are sweet potato+ avacaldo+ cucumber check this how to make sushi article on kuro5hin. sushi actually isnt hard to make at all. i rule


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