August 29, 2003

new blog

new blog out there i have a hand in.

i find rad links but i want craplog to focus on design shit. but this new blog, Suck It has over 10 authors so it should be pretty varried. if you read this and you have a blog look out for trackbacks from us as i will most likley be stealing links left and right.

so Suck It should be on its way to goodness. i have to say i hate the name but it is a democratic venture and i was the minority. i have good vibes though. i respect many of the authors on there and loves the stuff they find on this new thing called teh intarweb. so check it out from some fun shit.

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August 26, 2003

current playlist

no updates in a while. have been working on some non web based projects but i just wanted to pass on what i have been listening to these past few weeks:

DAMONE: great rock music out of the boston area. fronted by a 17 year old female. my jaw dropped when i found out she just graduated high school. ive seen this band live and they were fan-fucking-tastic. i want her to beat the shit out of avril levine.

The Mars Volta: ex members of At The Drive In rocking out with a new style that i havn't heard before. its a bummer the keyboard player recently overdosed and died but the album is still amazing. great to wake up and get going to.

Pretty Girls make Graves: at first the new album had me kind of let down. previous albums were up tempo high energy but as i listen to the newest album The New Romance more and more i begining to love it. female fronted band rocks shit out from seattle. very unique sound. while this album isnt as high energy as others i think musicly its tighter. better hooks and the sound is more layered. PGMG is best when turned up to vol. 11.

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August 09, 2003

the revolution will be stencilized

Stencil Revolution

i have been going to this site for so long and havn't ever posted about it so now i feel guilty. im not holding out on you i swear. i wont do it again, im sorry. cmon baby, lemme see that smile. aw yeah.

so yeah this site is the sick shit. no i had just posted about and this site is similar but with stencils but this site is amazing.
ill break it down. first of all, this site is what it is because of users. get a profile, upload your stencils. its amazing seeing other people that arent huge artists but stencil it up and floor me with thier work. and this is shit i'd never ever see with out this site. looks to be austrailian based, stencils come from all over the world to this site to expose themselves to you. also in same way users contribute most of the content, the forums there also help artists talk to each other about tips and advice on the form, general art talk, or even talk shit about other artists. "yo bitch, someone already stencils andre the giant"
i also like being able to rate and comment on someones uploaded picture. some people get harsh but its mostly constructive crit.
so lets say you like the site but you want to contribute but dont know where to start. well stop crying because there is a tutorial section that is so thorough i laughed outloud. tutorials gave me some great ideas and also helped me clean up my skill.
the resources section also helped me out, stencil links out the ass and BONUS, downloadable stencil ready fonts! RESULT!
a section under construction that looks very very promising is the EPS exchange. you have a stencil people like. but you live in africa. you upload the EPS file and someone from japan prints it out and uses it there. holy shit, you just got up in japan with out leaving your room!
but even if you choose to watch from the sidelines and not participate, anyone into art will find tons of content to enjoy.
but get inspired by this site, sign up, check the tutorials, go forth and create.

above work by tyRONE

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sticker nation

StickerNation :: International Sticker Network

ah yeah stickers! "street art" baby. this is a chill site. its basically a picture database of great sticker art all over the world. it gets bonu point for the fact that a lot of the content if not all is submitted by regular users. just send an message with info about where you saw the sticker etc and a url to where you have the picture hosted. the front page that is the news also holds other goodies: interviews, special features like a NYC gallery compiled by one of the sites founders, and my favorite, the screensaver. the screensaver connects to thier database of sticker snapshots and randomly rotates the images. other features of the site are the sticker pdf download. like a sticker? download and print it out yourself. the galleries are great as well. massive collection. im glad these guys finnally got a host. i had been wanting to do a post about em for a while but it was under construction. but now they are up. so check em out and go out into your world, take pictures of stickers you like, contribute.

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