July 31, 2003

off on a tangent

steve's blog, Off On A Tangent is rad and one i check more than once a day. been trying to make a button but it was a hard one to do. sorry steve, should have been done sooner. be sure to check him out.

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July 26, 2003

Vandal Squad!!


this is just cool. there are a lot of graff sites out there that let you look at some cool graf and then some others even have some flash or shockwave apps installed and you can do graf. this site however i think takes the cake. first of all it has the tounge in cheek theme of being and anti graffiti task force and all the sections reflect that theme. pics with the most votes are listed as "most wanted".
so here is a asic gist of how it works, you download an app called graffiti studio which is PC, and mac classic [but it works well in classic] and then you can use the online shockwave app which is kinda eh. you get a train cargo car to paint in the app and 3 sizes of paint caps, markers and colors out the ass. you even can use cardbord to mask. one of the biggest reasons i like this site better than the other interactive graffiti sites is that this app acts like real graf more than any other app. ther IS an ndo but other than that its all preatty realistic. the deffinition of the cargo car even reamins there so its not just a rectangle with wheels, you have to paint over the ladder but the shadow remains. looks so cool. after you finish you design you can put it up on the online archive if you choose where it can be voted on.
it looks like there are 2 other interactive parts to this site as well. one is called BMG Click2Music Chat which i am guessing has something to do with BMG, but i dont like that one as much because its JUST like the train painting i mentioned before but the train keeps no definition and its just a big rectangle. the other area i checked out is called lodown chat and it looks like one of those graphical chat rooms where you are in an enviroment. there are about 6 areas to chill out in and one of them has 2 areas that you can paint and save to the vandalsquad archive. very cool site and could easily kill an afternoon doing stupid shit.

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July 25, 2003

banksy, blows me away every time

first, if you havn't heard of him lemme say "WHAT THE FUCK?!" but not really because i found out about this guys just a few mere months ago but how damn this guy filled me up with excitement. just so you dont have to go though all that work of googling [lazy bastards] start at his site here.
read it all browse it all. the words i think are just as good as the pics. i seriously have chills while writing this and looking at his shit again. its so amazingly detailed it would make my mom want to take up stenciling.

so after you check that out, change your pants and check out his newest installation here.

and after you check the installation link, check the trouble banksy has on his hands here

ok this is the UK, didnt that chick see "28 days later" ? if there was anything i learned from that movie is that animal rights activists will end the world. thats what it was about right?

big high fives to the guys at Wooster collective for being who they are

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July 21, 2003

Sound Installations

Sound Installations by Timothy Crowley
im getting interested in sound installations. this site has 2 so far but they are very cool. i love the idea of a gallery setting and some structure or thing that either goes unnoticed or ins't clear to what it does visually but its sound installation. so you get kind of confused and have to re adjust your senses to apprecaite what is going on as art. im not sure if what i am saying is making sense but to me it oes. i hate getting all "arty" but being a visual person, auditory art totally takes me by surprise. if you are into this kind of stff check it out. and if you are doing a gallery show you should get this guy to send you out a peice.

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July 20, 2003

one of the coolest things i have ever seen

japanese Ping Pong

not much to say buy damn! think analogue matrix like bullet time effects. no cgi.
i cant stop watching this. i just wish it was a beter quality mpeg file.

biiiiig ups to sasha for this one

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sorry i am so suck

yes yes. well the blog was pretty F'ed up for a while and it may still be a bit dodgey but i have not posted shit because of the skecthy ness.
but i feel bad about and if you do read this you have probably given up on me.
instead of content i will now inform you of my summer hot list:

High Fives- im briging this back. its my greeting of choice. im not talking like someone holds their hand out to the side and you half ass slap it. this is the real shit. hand outstretched over the head coming together to make a thunderous slap. putting forth this effort makes the greeting feel more personal and intense. air high fives dont count you gotta come together and feel it in your heart. and hugs are a close second.

speaking of intense things,
the joke "hey did you hear about the circus?" "it was intense [IN Tents]" can be used everywhere. "that movie i saw was intense" "really? i thought it was in a theater"

so hott right now- i say this too much. Zoolander moogatu says "hansel. so hott right now, hansel" so now everything takes that form. "high fives, so hott right now, high fives" "the circus, to intense right now, the circus" note that "hot" is soooo hot its spelled with two T's, "Hott"

people on their cell phones- no matter who it is you have to say "who you talking to?" over and over untill they tell you who it is. and then when they tell you no matter who they are talking to you have to say "tell them i said hi"
NOTE: if you are the person on the phone and you are in on the game, when someone says "tell them i said hi" you change it to "[insert name here] said [insert anything but "hi" here]"
higuy: hey who ya talking to?
phoneguy: im talking to otherguy
higuy: tell other guy i said hi
phoneguy: higuy says he thinks you mom is hot
[end scene]
alternately if higuy says "tell otherguy i think his mom is hot [or ANYTHING else]" then phoneguy says "higuy says hello"

text messaging- so hott right now, text messaging

i sure there are more summer meme type things. i dunno what you would call these but these are things ive been doing/saying this summer. cheers and i will have real content real soon.

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July 16, 2003

craplog is sick

i was playing with iChat AV , it wasnt working so i bypassed my router and when i got everything back to normal the craplog was broken. i kinda have it fixed but there are some bugs i have yet to discover. so if you go to my blog URL and get the ersdesigns.com page then you knwo what im talking about. im working on it but for now if you want some direct craplog action use this url http://www.ersdesigns.com/craplog/

but as soon as i figure out what i did ill get http://www.ersdesigns.com/craplog/ working again.

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July 13, 2003

Ra's Page, good things from france

Ra's Page
its been a long time since i've posted some good deisign linkage but this should make up for the non posting vacation.
i've been going to this site for a while now and its still the hot shit. i found out about Ra through some of the other members of GuiGalaxy [see my post about GG here] whi9ch he is also a member.
i was first hooked on Ra's work by the Mac desktop icons he made. when i went to his site i was blown away by the desktop graphics and illustration. you see his work and its hard to put a finger on what medium it is. it looks like illustration and painting but parts of it just seem.....not. i got a chance to talk to Raoul a long time ago to ask him exactly how he got his look and he informed me about Painter by Corel which is just hands down cool. looks like real paint and other "real world" mediums but not as messy. trying to bite some Ra style i played with it for a while with no luck. that guy is just talented. his characters go from a graffitti look into a comic book look and sometimes just outright abstract. ive showd this this to many people and i dont think a single person was not impressed. the website itself is even a work of art. it looks hand drawn but has the coding and inter workings of some real high tech shit that is over my head. actually its so over my head it could be really simple. but after you check the icons , the illustrations , the desktops, the movies, the games, the links and extras, you HAVE to check out the music. great stuff. i think it would maybe go under breakbeat. but not really dancey. maybe IDM [intelligent dance music] what ever you would call it, its great headphone shit. i somehow got a mix cd he had made and its some pimp walking shit.
my fave song is "crows" and my fave illustration is "town" from the 2001 collection

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July 11, 2003


- kenna online -
i got this track titled "freetime" on the itunes music store last night and today i bought the album. in my friends car i put the cd in and the 6disc cd player kinda ate it. so to get the cd back she has to get the cd player taken out and sent in. so i wont hear this album for 2 more weeks but the tracks i have heard are so good.

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ted leo video @brainwashed


yes i DO talk about ted leo a lot but cmon its good stuff. click the link and scroll down to "The Eye" which is a video segment featuring Ted Leo in a 14min interview and live performance kind of thing. watching this vid you'll be like holy shit.
here is the text snip for the clip
"While Ted Leo's music career started in various NY-based hardcore groups, his popularity arose from years of playing in the DC-based bands Citizens Arrest and Chisel. After their breakup, he continued on as a guitarist in the Spinanes and eventually formed The Pharmacists, for which he currently plays and tours with. The footage was shot on the same night with Aereogramme back in March of 2003 at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA."

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July 03, 2003

summer cd swap

BURN IT - The Summer Edition
this looks really cool. i loooove mix cds and finding people that are down to do this is kinda hard. most of the people i know and are friends with listen to similar music. i can only listen to "skulls" by the misfits so many times. but this is cool. burn a mix cd, mail it out to 3 strangers in your group get 3 cds in return. this summers theme: music that makes you hot.
get on this.
respect to rOD for the find

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July 01, 2003

where i grew up is better than where you grew up

yes it is nice. cape cod baby. i also should note, where i AM is better than where you are. going home again is fun. painting my moms deck and hitting the beach. i thought i had enough chest hair to ward off UV rays. the result is a huge red area. found a great spot on the beach that reqires a resident sitcker and a 4wheel drive car. beats having to compete with tourists for parking and beach space. i used to hate this place but its only after ive been away that i realize there is no where else id rather go in the summer. cheers to all and have a good 4th of july.


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