December 05, 2003

Nick Zaremba is all over the place

so after posting the article on the Russian Doll show i found out that nick also has a shirt design collabloration coming out of Tank Theory that he did with another artist, 5003.
so go to Tank Theory and buy that shirt.

after seeing all this shit hes in i contacted him to see if he would answer some questions for the site, so here it is:

How did you get hooked up with tank theory and 5003?
we both knew the co owner of the company thru mutual friends and he is really into street art, hip hop, graff we were like we need exposure and he needed new art, so it hooked up.

what was it like doing a collaboration piece for a shirt that would be mass produced?
doing a collaboration peice to be mass produced was exactly what i've wanted to do for a while now. doing a design and a company with a big budget putting it in stores across the world is so good..the only way to get big exposure....and thats what i need as an underground artist.
so i approached it with 5003 in a simple way....come up with a design to just represent each of our of 5003 did the collagey background with the 5003 and the diagrams, then i dropped some scripts and some characters that is fairly cohesive with what i normally do. so it is a distinctive design that you can tell who's who thru...


you do your work on stickers, hand bags canvas walls and now shirts, do you favor any one over another?
well, i cant really say what is better, they are all neccessary for me to explore. i dont want to be trapped into anything. i like to work from my sketchbook journals and translate my styles and ideas thru all different mediums and try to make all cohesive. however ya know....stickers get me up on streets, bags get me up on girls walkin around, canvas do their job, walls to their job, and t's do there job as soldiers...

whats your ideal enviorment to do your work?
ideally, the street just to satisfy much trash, so many nooks and crannies, so much of an audience, no mediation. but i would also love to work just in a big studio designing graphics for skateboards, or girls t's.....or just making huge paintings.........ahhhh

what inspires you?
right now...listening to The Diplomats and Juelz Santana inspire me along with Portishead. also watching MTV inspires me to be more of a creative entrepenuer. walking in the city inspires me. My friends inspire me. Mister Never, Edward Martinez, Paul H., Clay Jiggits.

what do you have planned next?
upcoming plans.........promoting The Russian Doll Show....( as it travels across the usa.....working on collaboration projects entitled " Lil Never" with Mister Never due out in Spring 2004, moretote bags, getting my site up.
anything you want people to check out?
check out...

well keep you posted when Nick's website goes online but for now if you are interested in getting a custom tote bag as pictured above for around $30 or if you are interested in a free sticker pack, email nick at

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Nick Zaremba... "How can I help the poor when I'm one of them? So I get rich and give back to me...that's the win, win!"

Posted by: MIsternever at December 9, 2003 09:54 PM

Fuck what ya heard I'm the "real deal"

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