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dirty shirt is here and available on the webstore!

if you have seen the old blog you will remember this as one of the last posts made. well i did indeed make this shirt and am now going to be selling it on the webstore.

the shirt is based on a very old porn movie thinly veiled as a “instructional film” called The Marriage Manual.
some friends think this is too graphic of a image to wear in public but i think it is not too lewd of an image and is not really too easy to make out unless you look at it for a few. i only say this because i wear it frequently and people don’t really see it.

dirty shirt

and some live action:

dirty shirt photo

so check out the webstore at http://shop.ersdesigns.com



I dont even remember how i came across this guys work last year but i do remember it was totally random and i was floored right away. it was definitely one of inspirations to getting a site together. i even wrote him an email telling him how his work made me want to do better work. the site is blog style like this one and doesnt have too much content on it but all the prints featured there are available for purchase. there are links to a toy he did and some other sites that im not sure what the connection is. there isnt much information about the guy and it looks like he went on a long hiatus because it looked to be fairly regular posting up till september last year and then nothing till last month.

this ‘pills’ print is probably my favorite on the site:

pills regular- ferg


and this next print is the latest update by ferg from last month titled ‘Misfortune Cat’:

misfortune cat - ferg


everything on this site i am way into. im leaving a trackback to his site so maybe he will see this and get in contact with me and give me some information on who he is and some details and then i can update here.