this is a rough, in-progress collection of sites i like, sites by friends, sites i check every day and artist sites that i love. below is a legend of symbols just to give you a quick content heads up. in the future i hope to have a once sentence blurb for each site.
if you are a friend and are not on the list here just remind meĀ  or send me a message below. if you have any ideas for sites or things you think i should have on here just drop me a line.

artist icon= artist site
blog icon= blog
friend icon= friend [for full disclosure]
music icon= music site



friend iconblog icon proletariat blog

friend iconblog icon nice to the face

friend iconartist icon nick zaremba

friend iconartist icon josh falk

friend iconblog iconmusic icon digital atavism

friend iconblog iconartist icon mat zaremba iamrubberyouareglue

friend iconblog icon rob heppler iloveprison

friend iconblog icon Dr. Zoh & The Ponies

friend iconartist icon kevin sullivan sensei23


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