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about me:

this is the hardest part for me. talking about myself seems too self indulgent but its always the first page i go to when i visit artist’s websites.

what would you like to know about me? ask me any question and i will post it here along with an honest answer. its quick easy and can be anonymous if you choose. just use the contact form found below.

  • name: nate brown
  • age: 28
  • location: boston, massachusetts
  • How did you get involved in so many sponsored shows? And why don’t you talk yourself up more? Your art is extrememly visually satisfying? -M.T.
    • although i expect this is one of my friends i will still answer this because i am an egomaniac. i actually just typed out a page to this response but thought it too lame to post so we are going with the shorter version. i have only been in a handful of sponsored shows and i got in because friendships with the people that put the shows on or are themselves in the show. but i became friends with these people by meeting them at other art shows. as for the other two questions, i dont talk myself up because i feel i shouldnt have to. if my work is worth mention then it will get mentioned. in turn i do my share of talking up other people worth mentioning. and the last question isnt really a question but thanks.

    whats your favorite type of work you do? will you show picts (of the work) in your answer?- e.c.

    • my favorite type of work, that being the work im most proud of and the that gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment , is the most simple and basic designs like the logos and most recently the ladyhawk. i like designs based on colour and shape rather than layers or depth. i also really love doing the tessellation designs because its not only challenging to create a good design but then you have to make it work mathematically. also here is a picture of the ladyhawk [featherknife] design in various stages of rough draft and sketch