blog goals: the ersblog statement of purpose

for those of you with little attention and hatred of reading long blocks of blog text i’ve decided to lead with my list and give the explanations after the clip. but do check out the entire post, i would appreciate feedback.

i give you the list of intentions for the ers blog:

  • make posts of my own work in various stages rather than only the finished piece
  • post about real life friends of mine that are doing artwork
  • post other artists work that inspires and motivates me
    • try not to steal links from other blogs. [this will be hard since i find so much amazing work through other blogs]
    • seek out the non obvious and post about it with out the heads up from other people
  • post resources and technical details that i use to help me create my work to hopefully help other people.
  • make 3-6 posts a week [is it worse to have too many updates rather than not enough?]

so although this is a new blog and no one besides myself has even been on here i do realize i need to set guidelines on how i expect the blog to run. generally i want this to be an art blog. that is vague i know but specifically i wanted to do another blog so i could put some of my work and work in progress online to share with people and get feedback. because as amazing it is to get encouragement and appreciation from your friends, if they really are your friends they will like everything you do.

previously i had only waited till i had finished a project to the point where i felt i wanted to share it with people and then i would update my gallery for that one piece. but like most people, the point where i felt it could be worked on no more never came so the gallery never got updated. so one intention for the new blog is to post idea and work raw and in progress so the reader [if there ever are any] can see evolutions and decisions up to a final image.

and in between the posts of my own work i want to highlight work from other people that make me want to do more and better work of my own. but i dont want to fall into the slump of poaching links to cool sites from other blogs that i also link to. why mirror someone else? as someone that reads blogs it always makes me think of laziness when im reading a blog and like it enough to check out the links to other blogs only to find the same things are highlighted. but that being said sometimes someone or some blog brings something to your attention that is so good that you feel obligated to help share it with the internet world.

so i want to dig out original discoveries and things that would not normally be considered art. pretty much anything i find that gives me ideas can be fair game to post. and it would be indexed for me so on those days when i am motivated but not inspired i can go back and see these posts and get things flowing.

also i want to post art resources because most times when im looking for something specific for a project i end up putting more time into finding the right service or resource than i do on the actual project. anything that could potentially save someone hours of time by a google search.

and finally i want to keep on schedule of posting content. im not saying im going to post every day but sometimes blogs with too many updates is worse than blogs with too few updates. im not saying i wont break this rule but if i have 3 posts a week i will feel good about that. ill shoot for 5 a week.

so there you go, pretty straight forward and simple enough for me to abide by. this list is as much for me as it is to anyone reading this so i should have no excuse for days gone by where i dont know what to post.

feel free to give me feedback on this in the comment section

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