COMING SOON: web store!

i really am crap at all this web stuff and yes it is taking me a bit longer to get back on the blog horse but know that i have been working on things that will show up on here very soon. and just because i feel like making a list:

  • -web store soon will feature a bunch of shirt designs past and present [as well as future] that i screened, as well as posters.
  • -i want to keep everything really cheap but it depends on cost of materials.
  • -i also am in the process of making more featherknife tote bags
  • -i have been working on a bunch of design related things that are freelance based projects that will unfortunately not make it to the blog for a while due to client requests
  • -i have a lot more personal work i need to put up here including some finished versions of the space helmet project. these were done a while ago but i dont have many good pictures

so this is a crap update but i will have more added to the blog every day.

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