Monthly Archive for February, 2010

I’m back

well it has been 1 year to the day that i have been off art 100% and i feel i have gathered up some good ideas instead of getting a spark of a good idea, acting on it before thinking it out and then losing interest because i didnt flesh out a plan. so i will be doing work again and i am very excited about it. i have a notebook with lots of great text based ideas ive wanted to sketch out for so long and with those ideas in my head i have a much clearer vision of what i want.

now i will be a realist and say that this does not mean the blog posts will be updated to any noticeable frequency but it is possible. im back doing not, i never left doing the blog but it sure did seem like it though.

so the last art i did was the icy valentines heard muscle and the next day i immediately had the idea for the follow up which was one year away so i had plenty of time to visualize it and i think the execution was very accurate.  i think this is about 90% of how i had planned it. and here it is:

2010 heart

2010 heart