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i met Shepard Fairey yesterday

check out my friend drew’s photo here of shepard fairey’s crew putting up the classic. i was on the ground looking up. he is in town having meetings for an upcoming installation at the ICA:


February 6 – August 16, 2009
Fairey is one of today’s best known and most influential street artists. This exhibition will include stenciled stickers from early guerilla art campaigns, screenprints, works on wood and metal, and some of his most recent work.

update on space helmet project 4 [final draft]

just a quickie for those joining this progress late you can find the previous updates here

so last update i was working on the large stencil. i finished it and was able to do some test sprays on thin foam core. foam core sucks for stencils but it lasts a while and kind of weighs itself down when you are spraying flat onto paper. the hour after i get the first spray down i get a call from thomas buildmore to bring something i was working on down to the Wall@Central Square. so i packed up, ran into some friends down there and these are some pictures of what i was able to put down.

dirty shirt is here and available on the webstore!

if you have seen the old blog you will remember this as one of the last posts made. well i did indeed make this shirt and am now going to be selling it on the webstore.

the shirt is based on a very old porn movie thinly veiled as a “instructional film” called The Marriage Manual.
some friends think this is too graphic of a image to wear in public but i think it is not too lewd of an image and is not really too easy to make out unless you look at it for a few. i only say this because i wear it frequently and people don’t really see it.

dirty shirt

and some live action:

dirty shirt photo

so check out the webstore at



i helped some friends of mine set up a blog for their new studio called OVERKILLSTUDIO.

the studio is home to thomas buildmore, morgan thomas, and kenji nakayama

COMING SOON: web store!

i really am crap at all this web stuff and yes it is taking me a bit longer to get back on the blog horse but know that i have been working on things that will show up on here very soon. and just because i feel like making a list:

  • -web store soon will feature a bunch of shirt designs past and present [as well as future] that i screened, as well as posters.
  • -i want to keep everything really cheap but it depends on cost of materials.
  • -i also am in the process of making more featherknife tote bags
  • -i have been working on a bunch of design related things that are freelance based projects that will unfortunately not make it to the blog for a while due to client requests
  • -i have a lot more personal work i need to put up here including some finished versions of the space helmet project. these were done a while ago but i dont have many good pictures

so this is a crap update but i will have more added to the blog every day.

Great Cow Poster

my friend Zoh sent me this picture of a poster but i do not know where it came from, so i gotta track that down. in the meantime i thought it was too cool not to post here:

cow poster

cow poster