Monthly Archive for September, 2008

artist: Jirat Patradoon

holy shit i just got blown away.

it is sometimes hard for me to get really excited about doing personal art work coming off of a long hiatus. i get the itch but i just cant get hyped up and i get bogged down on comission and freelance work. and then something comes along that totally gets me excited and this guy is a perfect example. his work is largely pop and comic based is amazingly stylized. i am a huge lichtenstien fan so it should come as no surprise that i love this. i want to text message this guy just to say something like “THNX U, MY ART BONER IS HARD 4 UR WRK”

post mortem


summer is over. it is true. i am glad though, im not a big fan of summer and it was too hot in my small workspace so i took a vacation from doing artwork. but on the first of this month i got right back into it. so if you have been reading this and got bored due to lack of updates please come back soon as i plan on getting back into the regular weekly posting schedual. is making big moves with a big show this past month here in boston and one in philly this weekend. below is a picture of my contribution for the philly show