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Marvy Garden Craft terracotta paint marker

recently i found myself needing something i couldnt put my finger on. i wanted a smooth even black line i could do curves with but with out the stroke look and uneven edges of a brush. i could have taped off and sprayed but it was going to be a pain in the ass and i didnt want to cut the tape. now ill be the first to admit im no painter and im really clueless as to the various methods but im greatful to tony over at Artist and Craftsman Supply for reccomending the Marvy Garden Craft.

garden craft marker

at first i really was not interested because when i think if paint markers i think of the DecoColor marker as many may be familiar with:

decocolor marker



the decocolors are fine for what you need them for but i didnt want the glossy paint and you can always tell when someone has used this exact brand by the way the paint strokes fro the tip. and they tend to dry out and get streaky pretty fast. these are what i consider to be the first tagging marker for many youths.

the garden craft on the other hand is a thin flat paint that is more like a regular marker than a paint pen. so far i have not run into anything that looks bad when marker with this. the thin paint keeps it from getting gunky and gobby and makes it easy to continue a line or go over something with out showing that you did. so far i have nothing but good things to say about this marker even though its only been a few weeks. also a bonus is that it comes in 3 sizes including a 1inch flat chisel tip.

peter gronquist: the revolution will be fabulous

peter gronquist

peter has a show at gallery1998 in los angeles going on now through May 16th. the show is titled ‘The Revolution Will Be Fabulous: A Weapons of Mass Designer Show’.

As you can see below he has gilded and high-end-labeled various weapons. i love it. from what i understand these are actual weapons he has gilded. many of the peices are already sold and i can see why: besides being really good and hilarious they are also not as expensive as i would have thought, most being in the $3,500 to $5,000 range.
lets face it, guns are really cool. a gold gun? even cooler. a golden label gun? ehh not as cool but still pretty cool. if this guy is doing something new with all this, [i couldnt find anything in my research to find out if there is another established artist doing similar shit] i expect this shit to blow up and be ripped off by every art school sculpture lackey.

that being said here are a few that i liked:

click on the thumbnail image to enlarge

versace AK

prada AK

LV chainsaw

versace LMG