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Future Arts @ the BCS Cylcorama

Last saturday the 19th of april i attended the Future Arts show at The Boston Center for the Arts.

i took some shitty pictures with my phone and i will post them here.
future arts wide

click the link for the full post and more photos->

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Craig Horky

its no secret i love the misfits. and i love all the design and art that goes into the whole misfits culture. but this poster by craig horky is no doubt my favorite.

craig horky misfits



dont have too much information on this guy but will update when i do. picture and links to more of his work via

two t-shirts by Nil Ultra of North America

saw these shirts and thought they were great. the Crimson Dobbs shirt is, if you couldnt figure it out, a blend of the iconic church of bob dobbs and the misfit’s crimson ghost. the AT-AT in heels also kills me. really funny but the design of it is a sick interpretation.

the site is good and i know i will be hitting this place up again in the future because there is just so much content that is great. but for now i will highlight these.

nil ultra tshirts

enviromental specific graffiti is cool

i wish there were more of this in the world.

via pixdaus


I dont even remember how i came across this guys work last year but i do remember it was totally random and i was floored right away. it was definitely one of inspirations to getting a site together. i even wrote him an email telling him how his work made me want to do better work. the site is blog style like this one and doesnt have too much content on it but all the prints featured there are available for purchase. there are links to a toy he did and some other sites that im not sure what the connection is. there isnt much information about the guy and it looks like he went on a long hiatus because it looked to be fairly regular posting up till september last year and then nothing till last month.

this ‘pills’ print is probably my favorite on the site:

pills regular- ferg


and this next print is the latest update by ferg from last month titled ‘Misfortune Cat’:

misfortune cat - ferg


everything on this site i am way into. im leaving a trackback to his site so maybe he will see this and get in contact with me and give me some information on who he is and some details and then i can update here.


Vector Magic

i will start this post off by saying, “You’re Welcome” because this site is amazing. if you have ever needed some vector images of flat bitmap files and were not sure how to go about getting them then check the above site. but hell, i know how to go about getting vector images from bitmaps. i know how to do it manually and i know how to use live trace in adobe illustrator. and yes live trace in illustrator is amazing and has made great progress in the last few versions, nothing beats the ease of use as vector magic. i used vector magic most recently when i made the lady hawk design. but this is great for breaking down images to prep them for multilayered stencils too. there isnt really a whole lot more i can say about this site other than the endorsement because it is broken down so well on there. it really makes it amazingly easy.

if you are counting at home thats three [3] times ive used the word amazing.

boston graffiti part1

i like street art as much as the next guy but i generally find it too scene or trendy. so i told myself to try not to post graffiti things but now i have a camera on my phone i cant help but capture some of the better things i find. this update will highlight The Wall @ Central Square. [picture log here]

first up is what looks to be something of a collaboration between La Mano, Buildmore, and maybe a third person im not aware of.

La Mano and buildmore


and this looks to be done by someone name NOIR, never seen it before but i am really digging it:


 and lastly for this update is maybe my favorite of the day.  i think it says ‘101301′ but im not sure. hell it could be some corporate ad or some shit but it is just good simple design. its a skull house. its not over the top ‘this is a skull’ its very minimal, take any one part of it away and you lose the idea of the skull. so cheers to this person

101301 skullhouse