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Polish Movie Posters

it is well known among my friends and family i have a weakness for European versions of american movie posters. Movie posters these days are too commercial for me and tend to lack what i consider to be art. i love the european posters because many are still illustrated and many aim to capture the spirit of the film rather than show you a still image of the film.

The polish poster site is great because the images are even less well known than the posters of the British or Italian artwork which are usually used as ’special edition’ artwork for american releases. and many of the original posters from the polish site are actually affordable.

a few years ago my brother sam bought me this poster from the film ‘Benji The Hunted’:

benji the hunted


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on vacation

in las vegas.

i realize i set a goal for 3-6 posts a week but on holiday till next week. as far as good design in parts unknown to me…..not finding too much here

burlesque of north america: pelican poster

i went to see this band pelican play few years back and although i am into post rock i had never heard them before. as i was leaving i saw this poster at the merch table and had to buy it. i have had it in my room next to my bed since then. it blows me away every time i wake up. at the time i got this poster i was studying victorian era ornamental bordering, so when i got this it was mixed emotions because my heart sank seeing how amazing this came out and how i would never be able to do something this good but at the same time it inspired me and set a bar of that kind of design.

what you can not really see in this size image is that the orange ink in the screen print is actually a metallic bronze and the detail of all the ornamental work is weathered and chipped and dented. so its not enough for these guys to just make perfect bordering and swooshes but they have to next level the whole work by really giving it some character.

burlesque pelican

i found this with the help of my new favorite website filled with amazing posters for bands by some of the best names in graphic design you have never heard of

blog goals: the ersblog statement of purpose

for those of you with little attention and hatred of reading long blocks of blog text i’ve decided to lead with my list and give the explanations after the clip. but do check out the entire post, i would appreciate feedback.

i give you the list of intentions for the ers blog:

  • make posts of my own work in various stages rather than only the finished piece
  • post about real life friends of mine that are doing artwork
  • post other artists work that inspires and motivates me
    • try not to steal links from other blogs. [this will be hard since i find so much amazing work through other blogs]
    • seek out the non obvious and post about it with out the heads up from other people
  • post resources and technical details that i use to help me create my work to hopefully help other people.
  • make 3-6 posts a week [is it worse to have too many updates rather than not enough?]

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dr. zoh and the ponies!

while browsing the internet for art that inspires me or makes me jealous its best to start with what you know, or who you know rather. enter my friend Zoh and her blog. one of the things that i really find great about her blog is that because she lives in Australia she gets exposed to different things than i would. so with out her and her blog i would miss out on all the amazing things coming out of australia like the recent jacky winter common city birds book that sent to me via post.

the other reason i really like zoh’s blog is that along with the artists and art work she finds and links you to she also finds amazing things and images in her real personal life that she takes pictures of to show us.

im a fan of these pictures she posted:


when i get a links section up be sure this site will be there.

not trying to break the Absolute Quartet

a few days ago i posted about the amazing thing a few friends of mine made. after your own interaction with it, you are able to get a video copy of your session emailed to you.

very cool! since i dont know musical notation and all that jazz i just tried to hit every key at the same time as fast as i could. it doesnt translate to be that fast but it starts to pick up with a constant stream of balls in the air.

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was messing around on the site the other day and saw jeff working on the machine. i was trying to send all the balls down to his end of the marimba. and this video just sounds better than the previous one:

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this is the ladyhawk design on its intended medium, the adidas tote bag.

the ladyhawk [featherknife] design was screen printed in various sizes in gray ink on to canvas similar to the fabric the bag was made of and then stitched on with pink thread.

ladyhawk bag

The Absolute Quartet

my friends Jeff Lieberman and Dan Paluska recently completed a project for Absolute to create a machine that will create art based on interaction with a human user. the result is the absolute quartet and it is amazingly cool. this is some serious nerd art. give it a whirl. ill have a video up of my interaction soon.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

heartskull baby shoes

for my new baby cousin franny i did a quickie hand paint custom pair of shoes.

heartskull baby shoes

handbags for feet release party

adidas has released a line of womens sneakers based on handbag pattern designs from the 60s. the shoes are really slick. i wish they spent as much thought into some of the guys shoes these days. for the launch party they asked some local artists to design some tote bag one-offs to show. ill have pictures of the bag i did in the near future. the show is wednesday night the 5th of march from 7-10pm at Via Matta []
handbags for feet flier