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Crazy 4 Cult 3 and 2cents all in 1 post

check out

The third installment of the pop/cult movie gallery show at the 1988 gallery out in LA has some amazing work in it. The only thing to bum me out is some of the pieces that are under 20″x20″ and are digital prints in editions of more than 50 selling for $500+. I feel that prints, and especially DIGITAL print outs should not go for $500, unless its a huge print or its a small run or you are a established and well known artist. That being said, i am trying to pick up some prints by 2cents that are going for $25 but i imagine they would be sold out because that price is awesome

rocky horror by 2cents

rocky horror by 2cents

trying to find info on this 2cents person i found this link here not sure if its the same person because it has not been updated in a while but i am willing to bet this is the same. and what do i find on this guys blog but a flyer for a show that he was in with none other than friends of ersdesigns’ Thoms buildmore and kenji nakayama! and i do not know how to link to the video directly but there is an AMAZING video posted on their blog on 5-28-09 i wonder if this will work to link the video::


SFC shirt @

im not really familiar with but i gather it is a videogame related blog. this shirt design they are selling for $26 on their site is amazing though. apparently it was being given away at the unveiling of the new street fightergame and the SFC stands for Street Fighter Club.  its a great design. see for yourself:


SFC shirt

i met Shepard Fairey yesterday

check out my friend drew’s photo here of shepard fairey’s crew putting up the classic. i was on the ground looking up. he is in town having meetings for an upcoming installation at the ICA:


February 6 – August 16, 2009
Fairey is one of today’s best known and most influential street artists. This exhibition will include stenciled stickers from early guerilla art campaigns, screenprints, works on wood and metal, and some of his most recent work.



i helped some friends of mine set up a blog for their new studio called OVERKILLSTUDIO.

the studio is home to thomas buildmore, morgan thomas, and kenji nakayama

Great Cow Poster

my friend Zoh sent me this picture of a poster but i do not know where it came from, so i gotta track that down. in the meantime i thought it was too cool not to post here:

cow poster

cow poster

artist: Jirat Patradoon

holy shit i just got blown away.

it is sometimes hard for me to get really excited about doing personal art work coming off of a long hiatus. i get the itch but i just cant get hyped up and i get bogged down on comission and freelance work. and then something comes along that totally gets me excited and this guy is a perfect example. his work is largely pop and comic based is amazingly stylized. i am a huge lichtenstien fan so it should come as no surprise that i love this. i want to text message this guy just to say something like “THNX U, MY ART BONER IS HARD 4 UR WRK”

post mortem

peter gronquist: the revolution will be fabulous

peter gronquist

peter has a show at gallery1998 in los angeles going on now through May 16th. the show is titled ‘The Revolution Will Be Fabulous: A Weapons of Mass Designer Show’.

As you can see below he has gilded and high-end-labeled various weapons. i love it. from what i understand these are actual weapons he has gilded. many of the peices are already sold and i can see why: besides being really good and hilarious they are also not as expensive as i would have thought, most being in the $3,500 to $5,000 range.
lets face it, guns are really cool. a gold gun? even cooler. a golden label gun? ehh not as cool but still pretty cool. if this guy is doing something new with all this, [i couldnt find anything in my research to find out if there is another established artist doing similar shit] i expect this shit to blow up and be ripped off by every art school sculpture lackey.

that being said here are a few that i liked:

click on the thumbnail image to enlarge

versace AK

prada AK

LV chainsaw

versace LMG

Future Arts @ the BCS Cylcorama

Last saturday the 19th of april i attended the Future Arts show at The Boston Center for the Arts.

i took some shitty pictures with my phone and i will post them here.
future arts wide

click the link for the full post and more photos->

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Craig Horky

its no secret i love the misfits. and i love all the design and art that goes into the whole misfits culture. but this poster by craig horky is no doubt my favorite.

craig horky misfits



dont have too much information on this guy but will update when i do. picture and links to more of his work via

two t-shirts by Nil Ultra of North America

saw these shirts and thought they were great. the Crimson Dobbs shirt is, if you couldnt figure it out, a blend of the iconic church of bob dobbs and the misfit’s crimson ghost. the AT-AT in heels also kills me. really funny but the design of it is a sick interpretation.

the site is good and i know i will be hitting this place up again in the future because there is just so much content that is great. but for now i will highlight these.

nil ultra tshirts