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i met Shepard Fairey yesterday

check out my friend drew’s photo here of shepard fairey’s crew putting up the classic. i was on the ground looking up. he is in town having meetings for an upcoming installation at the ICA:


February 6 – August 16, 2009
Fairey is one of today’s best known and most influential street artists. This exhibition will include stenciled stickers from early guerilla art campaigns, screenprints, works on wood and metal, and some of his most recent work.



i helped some friends of mine set up a blog for their new studio called OVERKILLSTUDIO.

the studio is home to thomas buildmore, morgan thomas, and kenji nakayama

Future Arts @ the BCS Cylcorama

Last saturday the 19th of april i attended the Future Arts show at The Boston Center for the Arts.

i took some shitty pictures with my phone and i will post them here.
future arts wide

click the link for the full post and more photos->

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boston graffiti part1

i like street art as much as the next guy but i generally find it too scene or trendy. so i told myself to try not to post graffiti things but now i have a camera on my phone i cant help but capture some of the better things i find. this update will highlight The Wall @ Central Square. [picture log here]

first up is what looks to be something of a collaboration between La Mano, Buildmore, and maybe a third person im not aware of.

La Mano and buildmore


and this looks to be done by someone name NOIR, never seen it before but i am really digging it:


 and lastly for this update is maybe my favorite of the day.  i think it says ‘101301′ but im not sure. hell it could be some corporate ad or some shit but it is just good simple design. its a skull house. its not over the top ‘this is a skull’ its very minimal, take any one part of it away and you lose the idea of the skull. so cheers to this person

101301 skullhouse



dr. zoh and the ponies!

while browsing the internet for art that inspires me or makes me jealous its best to start with what you know, or who you know rather. enter my friend Zoh and her blog. one of the things that i really find great about her blog is that because she lives in Australia she gets exposed to different things than i would. so with out her and her blog i would miss out on all the amazing things coming out of australia like the recent jacky winter common city birds book that sent to me via post.

the other reason i really like zoh’s blog is that along with the artists and art work she finds and links you to she also finds amazing things and images in her real personal life that she takes pictures of to show us.

im a fan of these pictures she posted:


when i get a links section up be sure this site will be there.

not trying to break the Absolute Quartet

a few days ago i posted about the amazing thing a few friends of mine made. after your own interaction with it, you are able to get a video copy of your session emailed to you.

very cool! since i dont know musical notation and all that jazz i just tried to hit every key at the same time as fast as i could. it doesnt translate to be that fast but it starts to pick up with a constant stream of balls in the air.

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was messing around on the site the other day and saw jeff working on the machine. i was trying to send all the balls down to his end of the marimba. and this video just sounds better than the previous one:

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The Absolute Quartet

my friends Jeff Lieberman and Dan Paluska recently completed a project for Absolute to create a machine that will create art based on interaction with a human user. the result is the absolute quartet and it is amazingly cool. this is some serious nerd art. give it a whirl. ill have a video up of my interaction soon.
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