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I’m back

well it has been 1 year to the day that i have been off art 100% and i feel i have gathered up some good ideas instead of getting a spark of a good idea, acting on it before thinking it out and then losing interest because i didnt flesh out a plan. so i will be doing work again and i am very excited about it. i have a notebook with lots of great text based ideas ive wanted to sketch out for so long and with those ideas in my head i have a much clearer vision of what i want.

now i will be a realist and say that this does not mean the blog posts will be updated to any noticeable frequency but it is possible. im back doing not, i never left doing the blog but it sure did seem like it though.

so the last art i did was the icy valentines heard muscle and the next day i immediately had the idea for the follow up which was one year away so i had plenty of time to visualize it and i think the execution was very accurate.  i think this is about 90% of how i had planned it. and here it is:

2010 heart

2010 heart

summer 09 update

well not many updates since febuary but its because i have been on art sabatical. taking some time of to gather up some direction and purpose insted of just doing work for the sake of doing work. but i will be trying to get back on blog track with more things i enjoy.

i met Shepard Fairey yesterday

check out my friend drew’s photo here of shepard fairey’s crew putting up the classic. i was on the ground looking up. he is in town having meetings for an upcoming installation at the ICA:


February 6 – August 16, 2009
Fairey is one of today’s best known and most influential street artists. This exhibition will include stenciled stickers from early guerilla art campaigns, screenprints, works on wood and metal, and some of his most recent work.

dirty shirt is here and available on the webstore!

if you have seen the old blog you will remember this as one of the last posts made. well i did indeed make this shirt and am now going to be selling it on the webstore.

the shirt is based on a very old porn movie thinly veiled as a “instructional film” called The Marriage Manual.
some friends think this is too graphic of a image to wear in public but i think it is not too lewd of an image and is not really too easy to make out unless you look at it for a few. i only say this because i wear it frequently and people don’t really see it.

dirty shirt

and some live action:

dirty shirt photo

so check out the webstore at

COMING SOON: web store!

i really am crap at all this web stuff and yes it is taking me a bit longer to get back on the blog horse but know that i have been working on things that will show up on here very soon. and just because i feel like making a list:

  • -web store soon will feature a bunch of shirt designs past and present [as well as future] that i screened, as well as posters.
  • -i want to keep everything really cheap but it depends on cost of materials.
  • -i also am in the process of making more featherknife tote bags
  • -i have been working on a bunch of design related things that are freelance based projects that will unfortunately not make it to the blog for a while due to client requests
  • -i have a lot more personal work i need to put up here including some finished versions of the space helmet project. these were done a while ago but i dont have many good pictures

so this is a crap update but i will have more added to the blog every day.


summer is over. it is true. i am glad though, im not a big fan of summer and it was too hot in my small workspace so i took a vacation from doing artwork. but on the first of this month i got right back into it. so if you have been reading this and got bored due to lack of updates please come back soon as i plan on getting back into the regular weekly posting schedual. is making big moves with a big show this past month here in boston and one in philly this weekend. below is a picture of my contribution for the philly show

update on new project

its been a while since I’ve updated on my personal artwork here which is pretty much the real goal of this site and i have not been making my 3 post per week goals but hopefully that will change right now. I’m working on a project right now which is kind of an off shoot of a series I’ve been working on for a while that kind of on the back burner for a bit. ill post more about that one later.

i think some of the issues that hold me back from posting my own work on here is that i rarely feel that something is totally finished even though in actuality it is done. also i don’t really name my projects too well. ill have a tentative general name for projects just to keep them organized in my head but when talking about them, it just sounds stupid. and my last issue and the most important but also the silliest is that i am paranoid and don’t want my ideas and work to be ripped off. i realize this is silly because if you don’t show work for fear of plagiarism then no one will see your work.

so with that said im going to put aside these issues, as i promised myself i would when i made this blog, and start posting pictues of my work in progress, unfinished, stupid names and out there to be plagerised for the sake of making this blog interesting.

what I’m working on now is what I’m calling the ’spaceman’ image. last year i started a project series i was calling ‘gold blood’ but i think I’ve started to settle on the series being called ‘the golden deaths of Mr. blood’, which i realize is also a stupid name but i like it for now. this series has about 7 images that has a blood red background a white foreground object with black line work and gold blood. ill do more details for a later post when I’m actually back on that series fully. one of the images i was working with for this series was a astronaut helmet dripping with gold blood. i didn’t think it worked well with the other images and i shelved the idea for a while. a few months ago i was asked to be in a show for early may and i took this image of the space helmet and started working on it again. now to be honest i am farther along in this process but for now i will post updates on how i began fleshing it out.

here we have the sketches for the helmet. i sketch on a good quality velum with a soft pencil as you will see below.

sketches for the space helmet

if you enlage the picture you may be able to get a sense of what i was going for. and yes i write fuck a lot when i sketch. this next picture is an enlargement of the image i ended up using for the final painting.

space helmet sketch close up

in a few days ill post pictures of the final painting and my progress with the image.

Future Arts @ the BCS Cylcorama

Last saturday the 19th of april i attended the Future Arts show at The Boston Center for the Arts.

i took some shitty pictures with my phone and i will post them here.
future arts wide

click the link for the full post and more photos->

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on vacation

in las vegas.

i realize i set a goal for 3-6 posts a week but on holiday till next week. as far as good design in parts unknown to me…..not finding too much here

blog goals: the ersblog statement of purpose

for those of you with little attention and hatred of reading long blocks of blog text i’ve decided to lead with my list and give the explanations after the clip. but do check out the entire post, i would appreciate feedback.

i give you the list of intentions for the ers blog:

  • make posts of my own work in various stages rather than only the finished piece
  • post about real life friends of mine that are doing artwork
  • post other artists work that inspires and motivates me
    • try not to steal links from other blogs. [this will be hard since i find so much amazing work through other blogs]
    • seek out the non obvious and post about it with out the heads up from other people
  • post resources and technical details that i use to help me create my work to hopefully help other people.
  • make 3-6 posts a week [is it worse to have too many updates rather than not enough?]

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